The Society for Acquired Resilience was formed in 2020 by a group of like-minded colleagues. It has a formal infrastructure, and aims to be a viable learned society in the traditional sense.

 The Society has held two scientific meetings AR2020 (9-11 March) and AR2022 (27 -29 September), both COVID-affected. They were based in Sydney, in the headquarters of Double Bay Sailing Club, but with significant contributions from overseas speakers, by ZOOM.

  • Our third meeting (AR2024) will be held in the USA, in Philadelphia, on September 25-27 2024.
  • AR2024 will be an in-person meeting, to gain the benefits on collegiate interactions and networking
  • The planning is well underway. It will be held at the Lighthouse-on-the-Rock/Sedgely Club on the Schuykill River, in Philapelphia, a beautiful and historic site.
  • The organising committee is headed by Arturo Bravo Nuevo, and a strong team based at the Philadelphia College of Osteopathy.
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AR 2024

The Society's conference Meeting
September 25th-27th 2024

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