AR2022 Speakers

Speakers will include:  

Paul Adam (UNSW) Homicidal plants and tolerant numbats

Brian Bicknell (Sydney) The impact of photobiomodulation on the gut biome: it’s real but is it the mechanism?

Alice Brandli (Melbourne) Adaptive immunity within the eye

Arturo Bravo Nuevo (Philadelphia) Myo/Nog cells, potential drivers of acquired resilience

Edward Calabrese (Massachusetts) The Biology and Logic of Hormesis

Peter Carre (Sydney) Resilience needed for the commercialisation of new ideas in medical societies – the opportunities and the challenges

Massimo Contini (Florenze) A novel predictive model for early diagnosis of neurodegenerative diseases based on ocular movements delay detection

Stefano Di Marco (Italy) Nutra-prosthetics: resiliently cope with pathology to successfully implant new technologies

Benedetto Falsini (Roma) Targeting retinal ganglion cell degeneration in optic pathway glioma: the emerging role of nerve growth factor

Ivan Fernandez  Neuroprotective effects of preconditioned mesenchymal stem cells secretome on retina degeneration

Mindy George Weinstein (Philadelphia) Activation of Myo/Nog cells in response to stress induced by foreign cells

Helder  André (Stockholm) Hypoxia in the eye: from acquired resilience to pathology

Glen Jeffery (London) Photobiomodulation-induced changes in circulating cytokines – interpretation

Niels Jessen (Aahus) Skeletal muscle, use them or lose them

Daniel Johnstone (Newcastel) Remote tissue conditioning: localised stressors enhancing body-wide resilience

Marcus Andersson (Sydney) Resilience induced by ultrasound

Ann Liebert (Sydney) Photobiomodulation: new therapeutic opportunities

Riccardo Natoli (Canberra) Running to save sight: voluntary exercise modulates pathways associated with age-related macular degeneration

Michael O’Connor (Sydney) Elucidating molecular resilience pathways using light-focusing human micro-lenses

Matthew O’Neal (Ames) Stripping for resilience

Iliana Piano (Pisa) Visual function to diagnose and monitor central neurodegenerative processes and evaluate the potential of neuroprotective treatments

Des Richardson (Brisbane) Combating resilience in cancer cells

Álvaro Santana-Garrido (Sevilla) The potential of wild olive (acebuche) oil as a pharm-food to prevent hypertensive eye disease

Jonathan Stone (Sydney) Why stress-induced? The evolutionary basis of acquired resilience

Janine Tsai (Philadelphia) Neuroprotective effect of M/N cells in a murine model of glaucoma

And more, from whom we are still gathering details.

AR 2022

The Society’s second conference Meeting
September 27th-29th 2022